Here’s What the “Reimagined” Alamo Could Look Like


On Tuesday evening, the group working to “reimagine" the Alamo and its surrounding plaza finally unveiled its major redesign for the iconic monument in a public meeting. The goal: return a sense of “reverence” to the historic mission-turned-battlefield. Some of the suggestions — like blocking off Alamo Street from traffic, removing the flashy tourist shops that face the Alamo, and banning protests from the Alamo square — were already revealed in a December presentation to the city council. But several major parts of the plan, drafted by members of the Texas General Land Office, the City of San Antonio and the Alamo Endowment, were seen for the first time Tuesday night. Here's a look at what could be the future of the Alamo.

Have more questions? Have an axe to grind with city planners? Advocate for segway rights? Show up at one of the upcoming public meetings on the plan to speak your mind. — Alex Zielinski

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Photos by Texas General Land Commission